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So we bought a house. More specifically-  we put down a deposit to build a house. It was a little bit of a fast experience. Comparatively we probably bought the house quite quickly compared to some people. We have a baby coming in November so we wanted to get the house squared away well before so there would be no stress when baby Lucas comes into this world. I thought I’d go over some of the experiences we had looking for houses and the criteria if why we pass/bought.

Preowned Houses

We didn’t really look at preowned homes too much. The ones we did look at were open houses that were publicly advertised. DFW area is a pretty hot real estate market- so I got the impression that the houses that got to the “open house” stage were either grossly overpriced or had something emphatically wrong with them. I understand that you might have painted the house the way that you liked it when you were living there, but if you plan to sell it I’d suggest a more neutral paint tint than “maharajah purple”.

Ingram Terrace (David Weekly)

These were by far one of the best customer experiences we had when looking at new houses. The sales rep was super helpful and actually made a legitimate effort to show us around the houses.  The houses were beautiful and the location was ideal (Plano ISD). The main problem? The back yard was at max about two feet away from the neighbor. Same with the side yard. I swear I could’ve knocked on my neighbors’ windows from my own window. If they had made two less houses and given people an actual yard we probably would’ve gone here.  Land is a premium though and I guess a nice yard is not a big careabout for a lot of people.

Hudson Heights (Village Builders)

We were too late here- there were only a few available houses. The guy seemed a bit apathetic and uncaring. I guess he realized that the community was all but sold out and that he did not have a huge chance for a commission.

University Place (Ashton Woods)

Super nice houses, but again no yard. We actually had to hike up to McKinney to see a model house as University Place was still in Phase I. The “garden” homes were a bit cozy and at the top end of our budget. The model homes were gorgeous, but we got the impression that they probably had at least $60k worth of upgrades in them. On top of that the houses had literally (I say that knowing what literally means) a two foot by two foot patch of grass in the back that was supposed to be the “yard”. This is Texas- not Tokyo. I expect a yard.

Malibu Heights (Megatel)

Houses were beautiful but they were at the top of our budget. On top of that the sales lady was a bit discontent. She seemed to not really care and didn’t really make much of an effort to try to help us.

Creekside Estates (KHOV)

We ended up buying here. The sales rep was super helpful, the homes were modest yet luxurious, and we actually got a yard. On top of that there was a corner lot available- so our yard is actually going to be a good yard that Lucas can play in. Is it Plano ISD? No- but from what I hear Plano ISD is super competitive. You want your kid to actually experience the fun and joy of being a kid without having to endure the monumental stress of trying to place in the top 10% to get into a name brand college. Wylie ISD is ranked highly and besides- when he gets to high school who knows if I even will still be living there.

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