Tokyo Giants Game

I went with Steve, Andre, and Shozakai-san (the big big boss) to a Tokyo Giants game on Friday. It was really fun and I had a blast. We left around 4:20pm from work by bus and took a train to the Tokyo dome. From Hon-Atsugi there were a couple of transfers and it took about an hour and a half.

We grabbed some Subway before going in (food was very expensive inside the dome). After getting our bags checked we were in. Our seats were right in front of third base. The were really nice and were close to the action.

The game was really interesting. I followed baseball a bit back un the States. The environment was very festive and everyone was having a good time. The Tokyo Giants were playing the Yakult Swallows. The Giants dominated (7-2) and even hit two home runs.

It was also nice to talk to Shozakai-san. He showed up about 30 minutes after the game started. I talked to him about many things ranging from baseball to life. He is the big big boss who is busy with everything so it was nice to talk to him on a personal level and get along nicely.

Anyways even if you don’t like baseball I would suggest going to a Giants game with friends. It was one of the most fun things that I have done in Japan and when I come back I how that I can see more professional games within Japan.

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