Sherpas Favorites – Brasa Chicken

Continuing with my series of favorite foods from Sherpas, this time I bring you Brasa Chicken. This weekend I caught a nasty cold and was feeling particularly lazy so I ordered from Sherpas. One of my favorite places to order from is Brasa Chicken. I order from them because of the great value and delicious taste. If I am feeling very hungry, I get the family package and that normally lasts me at least an entire day’s worth of meals. This time, I went with the individual combo with some chicken noodle soup to nurse my cold.

The order (on my phone)

The order (on my phone)

And about an hour later, this came:


The chicken noodle soup was a good idea. It was piping hot and was exactly what I needed for my cold. The chicken and potatoes were classic soul food staples and filled me up right away. I definitely recommend Brasa Chicken.

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