Mobu Tofu

**Update** (Read if you got here from google)
Now (some six month after living in Japan) I realize that I got the name of the dish and even how to make it wrong. First off, you are probably looking for mapo tofu I messed up the name. Also, you aren’t suppose to smash the tofu. You are just suppose to cut it into squares but not actually blend it in. *shrugs*, you live you learn.

Sometimes I get asked what I eat in Japan. Most of the times I reply with the generic bentou (Japanese lunchbox) or Onigiri(riceball), but sometimes I cook. I went to Kimisawa the other day with Juan and Levi and I picked up a few things. Tonight I made Mobu Tofu, which is ground beef with tofu, rice, and some seasoning. Anyways here is how I made it.

The tofu. Not used to cooking with it, but it is pretty cheap and very easy to find in Japan

Ground beef. Pretty much the same portion that you can get in the USA.

The mobu tofu mix. Again pretty cheap, it was right next to the tofu in Kimisawa.

And of course some white rice, the epitome of Japanese diet.

First we put our rice and water in the rice cooker to get the rice cooking.

First start cooking the ground beef in a frying pan and cook it until there is no pink left.
Next add the tofu to the ground beef. Mash it up and mix it evenly into the ground beef.

Make sure it is evenly distributed within the ground beef.

Now stir in the mix and make sure it is evenly distributed.

Serve next to rice ( like curry) and mix it as you eat. おいしい

It was actually quite good. I added some tabasco sauce to give it an extra kick, but overall it was fast, easy, and cheap to make. It didn’t require much work at all. Well, I guess that concludes part 1 of cooking with Tim.

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