Yu Darvish to Texas Rangers

Yu Darvish, one of Japan’s best pitchers is coming to Dallas to play for The Texas Rangers. I have always been a casual fan of baseball. I love going to the games, however it gets kind of hard for me to follow every game. Coming from Houston, where I had to endure through a disastrous Astro’s season, maybe having a team with a decent record will help me stay in the game. I was watching the heartbreaking loss in The World Series last season for the Rangers. That’s why the news of getting a new decent pitcher is very welcome news.

I did watch the press conference for when Yu Darvish came to Texas. Considering Yu’s contract is about 60 million dollars, I suppose he would be fine with living just about anywhere. I thought the parts where they ask him about Texas BBQ/Steak were kind of funny.

Tim’s Exercise Routine

Well it is another year and another time for me to make the resolution to not be so fat. During college I used to do a regular exercise routine with a friend. He made up the routine but I just followed along. I can’t take too muc

Monday – Cardio (10 minute warm-up, 30 minute zone), Abs (Three sets of 12 situps, crunches alternating, six sets overall)

Tuesday – 10 minute cardio warmup, Arm weight training. Bench presses and machine workout

Wednesday – Cardio (10 minute warm-up, 30 minute zone), Abs (Three sets of 12 situps, crunches alternating, six sets overall)

Thursday – 10 minute cardio warmup, Legs weight training. Squats, machine workout

Friday – Cardio (10 minute warm-up, 30 minute zone), Abs (Three sets of 12 situps, crunches alternating, six sets overall)

Saturday – 10 minute cardio warmup, Back and shoulder weight training.

Sunday – Break

Of course I reserve the right to switch around the week depending on the schedule. Let’s see how long I can keep this workout going. This combined with a sane diet should help me lose weight.

Japanese Vocab List

In an effort to study more Japanese, I have been keeping a cache of vocab words that I learn from various movies/shows. I hope to pass the JLPT 2 this year, so I think learning a little over a long period of time is a good way to prepare.  Here is a batch of words that I have learned recently.

干渉 ・ かんしょう ・ Interference
現在 ・ げんざい ・ Currently At This Time
文句 ・ もんく ・ Complaint
流れ星 ・ ながれぼし ・ Falling Star
掃滅 ・ そうめつ ・ Annihilated
大統領 ・ だいとうりょう ・ President
副大統領 ・ ふくだいとうりょう ・ Vice President
当たり前です ・ あたりまえです ・ Naturally/Of Course
準備 ・ じゅんび ・ Preparations
耳寄りな ・ みみよりな ・ Welcome News
情報 ・ じょうほう ・ Information/News
訴える ・ うったえる ・ To Sue
用件 ・ ようけん ・ Business/Stuff To Do
責任 ・ せきにん ・ Responsibility
急に ・ きゅうに ・ Rapidly

製品 ・ せいひん ・ Manufactured Goods
産業 ・ さんぎょう ・ Industry
農業 ・ のうぎょう ・ Agriculture
盛ん ・ さかん ・ Thriving
主な ・ おもな ・ Main
苦労 ・ くろう ・ Troubles/Hardships
目立つ ・ めだつ ・ To stand out
派手な ・ はでな ・ Gawdy/Loud Looking
伝染 ・ でんせん ・ Contagious
評判 ・ ひょうばん ・ Fame/Reputation
苦情 ・ くじょう ・ Complaint/Troubles
流行 ・ りゅうこう ・ Fad/Craze
会場 ・ かいじょう ・ Assembly Hall
拍手 ・ はくしゅ ・ Clapping of Hands
転ぶ ・ ころぶ ・ To Fall Over
足元 ・ あしもと ・ Under one’s feet
失業 ・ しつぎょう ・ Unemployment
引退 ・ いんたい ・ Retire
弱点 ・ じゃくてん ・ Weak Point
克服 ・ こくふく ・ Overcome/conquest

Interesting thing I found out, 流行 can be used to say that something is going around. For example, when the swine flu was going around people said 「新型インフルエンザが流行しています。」

New Hobbies

The new year is a time to pick up new hobbies and start fresh. This past year was really a mixed roller coaster. I switched from a company where I wasn’t being treated well to a company that I really enjoy working for. In the process I moved from Houston to Dallas. I intend to write a little bit more about the parallels between Houston and Dallas later, but I thought I would start out the new year by getting into a few new hobbies.


Depending on how the profit sharing bonus turns out at work, I was considering buying a digital SLR camera. More specifically, I was thinking of picking up a Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  Obviously with a $600 price tag this is a bit of a commitment.  I would most likely follow up on it with a non-credit class or read a tutorial online in completeness. As a side effect, getting into photography would force me out of the house more. There are only so many pictures that I can take of my apartment or cat. I would most likely go to state parks or even take an excursion to parks in California or Colorado. My parents live in Tucson Arizona which has some amazing scenery. It is also not too far away from The Grand Canyon where I could take some really nice pictures.

Hobbyist Programming

I’ve been always wanting to get into programming in my spare time. Sometimes it is a little hard to muster up the will power after I program all day at work. I have been reading more and more into Python and by extension Django. I have a background in Java so it is very interesting learning a more “script” oriented language like Python. The more and more I work with Python the more I am seeing its advantages over Java. On the one hand, Java is a lot more enterprise friendly. It has Oracle behind it, has an established code base, and compares a lot to languages like C/C++. Python on the other hand seems to have more of a hobbyist following.  One thing that is quite amazing about Python compared to Java is how easy it is to interact with SQL databases. There is no pain with mucking around with XML files like in Hibernate; Django simply takes care of all that for you. I will most likely write a post about Python vs. Java after I get into it more.

Foreign Language

I still intend to keep up my hobby of learning foreign languages. I have come too far with Japanese at this point to simply quit learning. A few times a month I will meet with various Japanese speaking friends and try to keep my speaking skills sharp. Needless to say they have deteriorated a little bit compared to when I was in Japan or at Texas Tech and taking regular classes. I have started to learn Chinese as well. Career-wise, I think this is one of the most useful languages to know. Tech companies are investing tons of resources into China and having the language would be a good weapon to have in my armory.