Cell Phones・ 携帯

一年間日本に住んでいましたから、日本の携帯電話を持っていました。でも日本の携帯とアメリカの携帯はすごく違います。まず、外国人にとって日本の携帯はすごく高いです。AU/KDDIと一年間の契約を結んで、月額は9000円 (90ドル)ぐらいでした。解約料は3万円ぐらいでした。結局一年間の契約は10万円くらいでした。アメリカで、月額は40ドルぐらいです。そして解約料は100ドルぐらいです。
m(_ _) m – おじぎ
(^▽^) – 嬉しい
♪ – 上機嫌
D: しかめ面
🙂 ほほ笑み
😉 まばたき
Since I got such a positive response from my last English post, I have decided to write my diary in English and Japanese from now on. If anybody ever has a question, please feel free to message me.
Since I lived in Japan for a year I owned a Japanese cell phone. Japanese cell phones are a lot different than American cell phones. First off, especially for foreigners, Japanese cell phones are a lot more expensive. I had a one year contract with AU/KDDI and was paying about 9000yen ($90) a month. When I canceled, I had to pay about 30,000yen ($300). I must have spend about 100,000yen ($1000) for about a year of service. In the USA, an individual contract will cost about $40 a month with a $100 cancellation fee.
Although in Japan, owning a cell phone was almost essential. In America we tend to make more phone calls, however whenever I lived in Japan I found myself sending mails a lot more. Especially when I was dating a girl, I would receive a text once every five minutes it seems.
Another thing that I find interesting are the emoticons that people use. In Japan, the emoticons were really cute and elaborate. However, in America our emoticons are very simple. Sometimes I didn’t even understand the meaning.
m(_ _) m – Bowing
(^▽^) – Happy
♪ – Good Mood
D: Frowning
🙂 Smiley Face
😉 Winking
As far as the actual cell phone, I would have to say Japan wins. My cell phone in Japan did everything… internet, Suica, TV Remote, IR transfer. My American phone is really simplistic and does not have any of the features my Japanese cell phone did.