Sabino Canyon

It is Winter Break and I am staying at my parents’ house in Tucson for one week. Tucson is surrounded by mountains and desert and tends to be a very good temperature all-year round. I went with my mom and dad to Sabino Canyon. It is very scenic and there are tons of little hiking trails that go all throughout the desert.
Me in front of the desert
There are many wild cats around and also many signs warning about the danger.
Since it is the desert, there are many huge cactus.
With my mom in front of a mountain landscape

Picture of the landscape with the moon in the background
There are many other nice trails in Tucson that I want to go on. I go back to Lubbock in a few days so hopefully I will be able to see a little bit more.

Hibachi and Cricket’s

The other day I went out with Chiaki, Mayo, Yuki, Stephanie, and Larry to Yamagata’s Japanese Steak House. In America, by far the most popular sort of Japanese restaurant is teppanyaki. This is funny as it is not popular at all in Japan and is actually pretty rare. My language exchange, Kumiko, actually works at this restaurant so we were treated to free karage and free California rolls. It was pretty nice in the sense that it was bring your own beer. We bought a bunch of beer at the supermarket and then brought it to the restaurant. I also got a very generous portion of Hibachi Scallops.

Afterwards we went to Cricket’s (a local bar) and had a few pitchers of beer.

Chiaki, Yuki, and Mayo are returning to Japan on Saturday so it is likely to get a lot more quiet in a bit. Today was the last day of classes and now all I have left is to study for finals.