Pizza Hut China

So the other day I was feeling particularly lazy and ordered Pizza Hut Shanghai. Looking back, over six years ago I wrote about ordering from Pizza Hut Japan. It seems that on that day I was also lazy. Anyway, the big difference with ordering this time around was that this Pizza Hut Shanghai website was actually in English. Also unlike Japan, the pizza from Pizza Hut China was very inexpensive. After quite a bit of deliberation, I settled on the following:

  • Medium stuffed crust Supreme Pizza
  • Two orders of popcorn chicken
  • Order of cheesy potato
  • 1.5L Pepsi
  • Fried Egg

I did not originally want the fried egg, however when I went to checkout they sold it to me at a discount. And what was the damage? Only about 130RMB (about $21 at the time of posting). Definitely an improvement over the 3600 JPY pizza that I ordered in Japan. It took about 30 minutes for it to be delivered after I ordered. As usual, I took pictures. I have to apologize for the picture quality (I was so hungry I just wanted to dig in as soon as possible).

All together.

All together.

Pizza up close. Slightly overcooked, but not that bad.

Pizza up close. Slightly overcooked, but not that bad.

So the verdict? Not bad for the price. Truth be told, I prefer the American and Japanese Pizza Hut better, but for what I paid I can’t complain. It’s greasy pizza that makes you feel guilty as hell after you eat it. I can definitely see myself ordering it again on one of those lazy weekdays where I do not want to cook.

Delfrisco’s Grille

On Monday I went to a new steakhouse in town called Delfrisco’s Grille with some of my Japanese-savvy friends. Let’s face it; opening up a steakhouse in Texas is tough. Texans love their steaks and they know how to cook them.

Was the food good? Yes. Was the quality/price on par with places like Pappa’s Steakhouse? Sure. Would I rather go to Central Market, buy a huge steak and six-pack of St. Arnold’s, and cook the steak on a grill in my apartment? Definitely. Don’t get me wrong; it was really nice to go out and talk with everyone. I did realize that my Japanese speaking ability has somewhat been lagging recently, however I can’t really justify going out and spending $40+ per head on a meal on a regular basis. Who knows, maybe I am still in poor college student mode.

Afterwards we went to a pretty nice and low-key bar called Breadwinners to catch the tail end of the Fiesta Bowl. It was a nice night to cap off a very relaxing vacation.

Delfrisco's Grille


Pizza Hut Japan

Today I was feeling very lazy so I decided to not go to the grocery store and instead get a pizza from Pizza Hut with Levi. Pizza Hut is very expensive in Japan but I figured that ordering once wouldn’t kill me. Anyways I ordered online. After navigating through the kanji on the website I finally found out how to order online and picked my order. I decided to go all out and get a half broccoli, onion, squid and half shrimp, mushroom and green pepper pizza. Levi got a BBQ chicken pizza. After entering all of our information and a confusing email confirmation process our pizza was ordered.

About thirty minutes later I got a ring at my door. The pizza hut guy then proceded to read off my order and I paid him his money. In the end it was 7900 yen for two large pizzas, two drinks, two chicken sides, and some tuna puffs. Quite expensive.

Here are the pictures

It was actually very delicious. The crust was this weird curly cheese crust which just screamed fat but was amazing. I don’t see myself ordering pizza again in the forseeable future as the price was high, but it was very groumet compared to American pizza.